Last Thursday The Man and I went to pick Nugget up from daycare together. A treat for all of us, The Man’s usually unable to make it to the daycare center before 5:00pm and it just so happened that on this day he got out of work early. And, by that, I mean he went to the ER at 7:30am due to extreme back pain and learned he had a kidney stone. He passed it around 4:15pm and so we were able to get Nugget together. See how things work out so well sometimes?!

Anyway, we got to daycare and Nugget was playing in the big kid room since there were only 5 kids in attendance that day. All the big kids were busy playing and snacking on lollipops. Except no one called them lollipops. Apparently, in the Fishtown/Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia, everyone calls them “taffy”. And, thus, we embark upon my favorite subject…the Philadelphia dialect. It’s so fascinating, in fact, that UPenn has a department dedicated to studying it and has done so for the last two and half decades. Amazing, in a weird way. Is it wrong that I hope Nugget doesn’t pick up on it too much?

Inevitably, she will be exposed to it, but, please, oh please, don’t call water “wooder”, or sprinkles “jimmies” or bobbies or johnnies or whatever. And while we’re at it lollipops are definitely lollipops. Not “taffy”. That’s just wrong…and I mean it’s seriously incorrect as taffy is something moldable, stretchy, soft. Not hardened sugar on a stick.

And god help Nugget if I ever hear her say, “Jeet yet?” or answer, “No, Jew?”



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