Packing used to be fun.

When I was little, I would start packing for any family trips about 2 weeks out. I would be so excited to fly in a plane and get to where we were going that I would pull out my (probably tiny) suitcase and map out my wardrobe. And then I would get mad that I’d have to wait forever for the actual day to fly out that I’d promise not to pack so early next time. But I just couldn’t help myself and the cycle would start all over again the next time. As the years have gone by my packing timeline has gotten noticeably shorter. One time I packed an hour before leaving for the airport, frantically stuffing whatever I thought was necessary, thought I did a decent job and hopped in a cab. I had to buy a cellphone charger, toiletries and underwear at my destination. I vowed never to do that again.

Now, with a baby, it’s a whole new ball game. And I mean a whole new ball game. Who knew your baby could need more stuff than you for a trip? Oh, and the things I’ve learned about the industry is amazing. There are companies that specialize in destination baby rentals. It’s ingenius, really. Does your baby only nap in the swing? Well, you can rent one for him or her wherever you’re going. Or rent a crib, bouncer, etc. etc. They just deliver the pieces to your desto before you even get there so that it’s set up and ready to go. You could practically bring your baby with nothing and get it all at your hotel, friend’s house, or wherever. The only thing I’m doing that’s even close to something like that is having a box of diapers shipped to my brother’s house for our upcoming trip. But, just in case you thought you could patent an idea like that…too late.

Aside from that, I’ve literally mapped out what we’ll need to pack for Nugget, read all of the crazy rules on TSA’s website and prayed to the heavens that we won’t be those people on our first trip with her. I’ve also mapped out what I’ll be taking for me and the Man and am sticking to it (I swear!) so that we won’t be lugging (and paying to check) a stupid amount of luggage at the airport. The prices are ridiculous. This whole nickel and diming thing is getting out of hand. I couldn’t even request exit row seating because those are “preferred” and I’d have to pay for them. OF COURSE they’re preferred! What happened to paying a boatload for tickets and elbowing people out of the virtual line in order to reserve them first? THAT’S the good old-fashioned way and I liked it better then.


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