Flying High

Our first airplane trip with Nugget was a huge success. Although not seamless, she did sleep for the majority of both trips in the air. It was pretty great. The worst part of the experience was trying to get through the airport security checkpoint without completely pissing off everyone behind us. You just don’t realize how much stuff you have until you have to break it down and send it through an x-ray machine while 50 people watch you struggle and all the TSA agents are yelling instructions. At least it felt like yelling. Nugget was good. No screaming fits.

But anyway, let’s backtrack. The trip itself was good. The Man and I had a wedding to attend in Sacred Tomato, CA. (That’s how I learned the capitals of states and countries, by making up stupid names. Helsinki was Hell is Sinking, FYI.) Somehow…luckily, cosmically, my brother moved to the very city the wedding was in just about a year ago. We were able to knock out visiting two sets of families at once. It was great. And even though the trip itself was considered short (5 days), I realized that it was the perfect amount of time before it got to be too annoying and tiring. You all know what I mean. Family is wonderful, but the dynamic between the players changes so much the older people get. The largest change I saw was in my young teen nephew. He is still at that age where he believes everything his parents tell him; he hasn’t yet internalized that his father can actually have a viewpoint that may differ from his own one day. No offense, Bro. I mean, we’ve all been there as kids. And then comes the day when we fall hard from the realization that mom, dad, our idols can actually be wrong or, at least, so not right.

Aside from all of that, vacation was just that. Vacation. Thank goodness, too. I hate going on vacation to spend way too much time on seeing this person and that family, traveling to this destination, fitting in someone else’s itinerary. It can be draining. But not this time. Plus, The Man and I were able to enjoy ourselves at the wedding without Nugget and not get a frantic phone call to come home. Yay! We kept saying to the other wedding guests that my sister is a long-time naval officer and is just not the type to quit. Moreover, her husband is one of the most patient men I know. Between the two, their babysitting capabilities are boundless. And, uh, I mean he’s raised his own kid who is self-sufficient, successful and an all-around decent human-being.

On our last night of the trip my brother asked me how I’d rate this vacation. On a scale of 1 to 10…I’d have to say it was a solid 9. It would have been a 10 if Nugget didn’t poop all over herself on the plane ride home.


One thought on “Flying High

  1. Glad you had a great vacation – many more to come! Really enjoyed seeing you, The Man and Nugget – what a great little personality.

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