Ah, long weekends

There are days, and they sometimes run in a row, when I actually feel like I have it together. Like, together together. Dishes done, floors mopped, toys picked up, dinner planned together. The type of together that makes me feel all light and airy, like all of those responsibilities and burdens no longer live on my shoulders. Then 2 days go by and it seems to go to hell again just to circle back around the next week.

God, and don’t get me started when you throw a holiday into the mix. Thanksgiving, albeit wonderful, also served to remind me that a few hours worth of cleaning doesn’t last a week when 6 raucous adults and 1 toddler get together for a beige dinner. (Seriously, most of Thanksgiving dinner is beige. It’s weird.) Not only that, but the hours of stress to pre-plan, plan, organize, purchase, pre-cook, cook, make last minute purchases for one meal aren’t exactly prime reason to continue doing it year after year. And all to hang out with people we wouldn’t be able to stand after 4 drinks and 4 hours. And I mean that fairly. I know I rub people the wrong way too.

But all in all, long weekends are awesome. They will separate the uber-organized from the chaotic schmucks though. Schmuck here. How do you do? I just can’t feign having energy at the end of the day, let alone a long holiday weekend. Taking the time to pack my gym bag, make sure I’m ready for work, pack Nugget’s daycare bag and ensure nothing’s missing just isn’t my strong suit when all I want to do is sit on the couch and watch bad TV. Although I was proud of myself last night when I did take the time to do all of that, even spending an extra 20 minutes searching for an Ipod that wasn’t exactly missing. (Yeah, it was on the coffee table.) But, whatever. We call those hiccups, right? So just when I think I’m being the responsible/superhero/do-it-all mom I read about, I get to the gym to find I have no pants.


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