This thing called Life is so cool!

So much has happened in the last month! We flew home (my home) to San Diego to visit family, spent an incredible week there just hanging out, Nugget figured out WALKING!, and now our days are defined by toddlerisms. And what I mean by “toddlerisms” are:

NO!” and


I’m sure you know them both well, even if you don’t have children, because they’re fun to deal with when you’re the childless one, but they’re super fun to handle when it’s in your direction everyone is glaring. And as I’ve listened to some of my friends lament about the screaming kid in the next booth, I just want to say this: I’ve never, ever, ever gone out with Nugget and thought, “If she starts having a fit, I’ll just ignore her since I have no regard for other people.” And before you go on about how some people can be, I’d be willing to wager that more than 95% of the parents I’ve come across are probably not out to make your life more miserable than theirs at the present moment. So, seriously, give them a tiny break because little kiddos really have no other way of expressing their pain/sorrow/frustration/exhaustion than through a bit of ill-timed crying.

But, OK, being a toddler isn’t all about screaming and tears. There have been a ton of awesome moments…like the high fives. Oh, the high fives. Nugget just loves nothing more than a good high five. And if one person gets one, everyone gets one. (She likes to share.) And I will guarantee you this – there is nothing more awesome in this world than feeling totally included in a toddler’s game, and nothing more devastating than being excluded. There’s this scathing honesty about what children express and if there’s something “off” about a person that warrants fear or crying or a weird look, trust me, you’ll be hurt.

More than that, a Nugget’s curiosity also sprouted legs as her scope of play now extends both horizontally and vertically. She’s learned shelves are fun, baskets are fun, cabinets are crazy awesome and the bathroom is a-MAZE-ing!

Yesterday, while The Man was out running errands, I was left in charge. And what does one do when charged with watching a kiddo? You get on the internet for a few moments of peace and quiet email, Facebook, and Babycenter. Well, everything seemed seamless. Nugget was being her usual mild mannered self and life was still for 10 minutes.

About 8 minutes too long.

As you can see here, she likes toilet paper. Don’t we all, though? I mean, a whole episode of Seinfeld was dedicated to it. So I can’t really blame her. And if you look in the background at the toilet, you’ll see it’s childproofed. We learned early on that water play in the toilet is, uh, gross and can only lead to bad, bad things.

Ah, to feel completely astounded by the world again…that would be cool.


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