Be a good Asian…

So, Nugget was invited to a friend’s 1st birthday party (theme: bubbles) and we knew there would be a water play table and the kiddos would get wet. The last time we went anywhere near a pool or beach was last summer when she was just a couple months old. That swimsuit is now too small, of course, which meant I had to find something else. Off to Old Navy and, well, I just could not resist…



<———– See the character on her chest? Yes, that’s right people, it’s Hello Kitty, the expression free and timeless Japanese sensation. I’ve officially inducted Nugget into the tribe.





<——————– And here is a closer look. Do you see how Hello Kitty has scuba gear on? She must be giving her blessing for all healthy and fun water sports.


All in all, it was a great party! Nothing like playing in water to tire a 1 year old out!


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