Serenity now! Serenity now!

Well, all’s well with Nugget. Isn’t that great?  I was really hoping for a clear cut reason to the recent madness in our household. But noooo, Baby has to keep mommy and daddy guessing. Sitting in the exam room, her wonderful doctor took a look in both ears and exclaimed, “Well, it’s definitely not an ear infection. Not even a chance!” All I could muster was a semi-enthused, “Oh, that’s…good to hear.” He even took a second look to make sure. (Sigh).

Really? Really?! My anxiety is through the roof because I can’t predict what bedtime or naptime or nighttime will be like. I’m practically staring at the ceiling at night just waiting…tick, tick, tick…for that familiar cry since she’s no longer sleeping soundly through the night. The Man’s trying his best to be supportive and helpful and soothing and all that. But I really think this is just one of those Nugget-Mom things, where I feel this desperation for her to be well and settled back into a decent routine.

So, it’s come down to this: making a list. Let’s play detective, shall we?

1. We know she’s at an appropriate age to transition to 1 nap. According to what I’ve read (all over the internet, of course) is that the average age babies do this is between 12-24 months. You like that? That’s like the lazy scientist method or something. Ridiculous.

2. She was getting an average of 11-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. That’s apparently a cornerstone of nap consolidation.


3. She’s been basically refusing her 2nd nap of the day.

To say I’m obsessed about my child’s sleep habits is fair. Especially now. So, instead of fighting her on 2 naps tomorrow I’m going to try moving her into a 1 nap a day routine (like she has at daycare). Hopefully, that’ll be the ticket to happiness here.

In other news, I’ve decided I’m quite happy with one child for now. Any talk of trying for a second is tabled.


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