Can you just put that in an email?

Don’t shoot me, I’m about to quote a line from “The Hills”. I know, I know, but, seriously, I’m not trying to watch any serious television at all these days. And I happened to catch an episode because nothing else was worth watching, I swear.

Aaanyway, one of the girls on the show said, “Sometimes, friendships are harder than relationships.” I get that she was talking about someone else hating her absolute piece of crap of a boyfriend, but it resonated with me considering how I’ve felt since having had Nugget. Admittedly, I suck at keeping in touch with friends. I hate using the phone. I find it awkward to have to keep conversation going with most people outside of my extremely close family and friends (and, trust me, it takes years to get there). I’m much more the type to get to the point and hang up. And with text and email quite literally at my fingertips, I would probably be pretty satisfied just going back and forth in that way.

Don’t get me wrong, I like getting together with people. I just don’t want to do all the in-between stuff when we can’t see each other. And I know that’s my problem. I guess the gift of gab gene skipped me. Because of this, my time with friends has lessened quite a bit. It seems if I can’t meet up with people during the day then I opt out (and that’s not fun for them or me).

So, I’m trying to incorporate a little more “give” in my life. I actually reached out to a friend the other day and made a date to hang out (hey, that’s big for me). And, god, I’m going to regret typing this, but now that Nugget’s actually started sleeping completely through the night (famous last words), I’m really hoping I’ll be able to meet up with some friends after we put her to bed. And now that that’s out there, things will completely regress Nugget will wake in no time.


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