Cake? I don’t want no stinkin’ cake!

I'm ONE!

My father-in-law swears up and down that Nugget’s far too mellow for her own good and that’s she’s only “holding it all in” until she’s older. I certainly hope he’s not right because, well, I kinda love her mellow, go with the flow style. That’s the way I am, though I concede I do enjoy short (and funny) angry rants on Facebook. Although, come to think of it, one of Nugget’s daycare teachers describes her as “sassy” so maybe we’re much more similar than I think.

Only time will tell, I suppose. Till then I’m going to savor the fact that she’s such a calm child. This was especially apparent at her birthday party two weeks ago.

<—– Here, she’s just hanging out watching everyone, chewing on her party favor.

Later, when put in front of her “smash cake” she basically did nothing but smush it. No rousing show. No flinging cake. Nothing. I imagined she might taste it and go to town, but nah, she just liked to feel the cake squish through her fingers.

Lackluster, in a sense, but The Man tells me later how proud he was that she wasn’t into all the sugary goodness. Like I said, time will tell.


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