362 days and counting…

We’re 3 days from Nugget’s first birthday and I couldn’t be more excited! It’s a milestone for her for sure, but it’s a milestone for The Man and I too. We’ve survived the sleepless nights, the fevers, the teething, the ear infection (thank god there was only one–famous last words), and all of the wonderful things Nugget’s been able to do too. It’s been way more work than I could ever have imagined, but it’s been worth it. I know many women look at babies and swoon over when their children were teeny tiny infants and just wish they could go back in time… Well, you can have it. I have loved being a mommy to a newborn and an infant, but every day that passes I am just thankful I made it through. Plus, I really really really don’t want to go back to the days when Nugget had to nap every 2 hours or so, forcing me to live life in this awful incremental fashion that just wasn’t fun. The second you got to where you were going you had to turn back.

So, now that we’re 3 days from the big O-N-E I can tell you I’m throwing a party that I condemned every other mother for throwing. I’m going to eat my words and say I’m sorry to all those women I thought were crazy. I thought first birthday parties were ridiculous especially since the kid would never remember it. Well, I still believe this…sort of. I know Nugget will have absolutely no recollection of her party. She won’t really care who’s there as long as mom and dad are. And she certainly won’t give a crap about whatever gifts she may receive. So, I’m just going to say it. This party is mine. And The Man’s. It’s really a Happy-Birthday-Nugget-Your-Parents-Didn’t-Kill-You party. Here’s some cake, now smash into it. And I certainly hope she really smashes into her cake because I went all out and ordered a special one for her. I know. I’m ridiculous. I’ve turned into the woman I definitely made fun of.

Oh well. What’s life without a foot in your mouth anyway?


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