Wasn’t it just Thanksgiving?

Well, I’m back to work and everything in life seems to be running along smoothly. Nugget’s adventures in daycare have her smiling often. It’s a good sign that she just loves all of her teachers. Leaving her that first day was a bit painful, but The Man made sure it was short and sweet by scooting me along when we handed Nugget over. Once out the door I was OK. I went about my day like I did before I had a kid. It was weird. For six months I was attached to this little person and all of a sudden it was over. All day I fought the feeling that I’d forgotten something important.

Fast forward three weeks and we’re in a good routine now. We’ve all adjusted relatively well and I certainly can’t complain about my life. As long as my 6.5 month old baby is fed, napped and adequately socialized I’m happy. I assume this is the kind of stuff we’ll be discussing at her parent-teacher conference next week. You read that right. There are parent-teacher conferences for infants. I’m sure we’ll also discuss her behaviors, peer influence and that drug ring she’s running in the toddler room down the hall. She’s advanced, y’know.

Actually, I really feel a bit behind. The days are crammed with things to do. From work, The Man and I rush home (I pick up the babe) and then it’s an hour of frenzy and excitement before we have to give Nugget her bath and put her to sleep. It really sucks. The whirlwind of activity is not too, too fun and it leaves some weekends feeling far too short. And with the holidays practically flying by, there’s a little part of me that feels like I should be making a much larger deal about her “firsts” that I am. It’s just not so pressing since Nugget really has no true awareness of this being her first Hanukkah and Christmas. But maybe I’m just copping out. In the end, we’ve lit our Hanukkah candles and finally purchased our Christmas tree today. So we’ll definitely fit in some holiday spirit before it’s all over.


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