Now where are my…

Nugget’s 5.5 months old and that only means one thing: that work is just around the corner. We went in to the office for a visit yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised at how well she behaved. She just loved looking at everyone’s faces. We stayed much longer than I wanted. I originally allotted us one hour of time since that was when she, theoretically, should have gone down for a nap. But, considering she didn’t throw a tantrum in public I took advantage of the calm. I half expected her to scream all the way home in the car since her M.O. is to be very good in public, but freak out in private. But, nope, she slumbered quietly in her carseat without a fuss and even went down for a long nap in her crib after we got home.

I swear, she’s this good in spite of my parenting skills.

Actually, she’s this good because I have almost instant access to her pediatrician who encourages parents to email him. Listen up, people, it’s the way of the world and more doctors should follow suit. I love that he responds within minutes and, if he doesn’t, the nurses at the practice do. Hello? What more could a neurotic parent ask for? Why tie up the phone lines at the doctor’s office when you could just crash their server? Although, I wonder if Doc regrets telling me to email him because I’ve done so for everything from going to the beach to bottle feeding to sleeping (hence her better sleep habits now). Of course, I could see how people would get carried away with it. It’s not a substitute for actual medical care. Not good medical care anyway.

But, I digress. What’s really important is that Nugget has finally learned to fall asleep all by herself. It’s a strange concept, really. When you think about it don’t all people know how to fall asleep? You get tired enough you should just be able to…drift, ever so magically, into a dreamland of fantasy and ribbons. Why should babies be any different? In fact, they should be experts at it. But noooo. Babies need to be taught how to fall asleep without being rocked or breast fed or shushed or patted. Enter sleep training. No wonder sleep trainers make so much money. Parents will literally throw cash at them if it means an extra hour or two of sleep in a night. They’re so sleep deprived they don’t know whether they’re coming or going. In fact, I’ve entered and exited a room four times looking for my glasses. While wearing them. And I don’t mean in the comical hey-look-they’ve-been-sitting-on-top-of-my-head sort of way; more like hey-whackjob-you’re glasses-are-literally-sitting-on-your-face-correcting-your-vision way. So, yes, I guess I was so delirious from exhaustion that not even my eyeglasses could compensate for my blurred vision.

Let’s just hope that intense sleep deprivation is behind me.

Famous last words.


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