It’s a bird! It’s a plane! O crap, it’s a baby.

I’ve decided that the first year of parenting is just a really big, long test that’s supposed to lengthen your patience with children. It’s Mother Nature’s way of pushing you to the very edge of sanity where you’ve almost lost all hope in your parenting skills at which point she reels you back in with a sign that things are getting better. Once you’ve begun to feel confident again she pulls the rug out from under you and the cycle repeats. I’m not so naive as to believe that the hardest parts of parenting are in the first year, but there are so many growth spurts and milestones all shoved into the first twelve months that it feels like a never-ending set of questionable circumstances.

And now that we’re smack dab in the middle of Nugget’s 3-month growth spurt, I’m feeling very tired and she’s feeling very hungry. All day and aaallllll night. Don’t worry, we’ll get over it and it’ll start over again far too soon. Like when we’re supposed to be traveling around Nugget’s 4th month-day. Traveling with an infant takes a lot of patience as is. Traveling with an infant by air from coast to coast takes a lot of organization. And traveling internationally with an infant takes a miracle. I just pray, pray, pray that it won’t be half as bad as I’m projecting in my head since we’re only going to in the air on a direct flight (so worth it) for about 8 hours. And I’ll have The Man with me to help.

And if I could I’d like to publicly apologize now to every other person who’ll be on our flights back and forth for any possible shrieking that might occur. I’m especially sorry to the person who will be sitting next to us. I’ll have take a picture of their reaction when they realize that, yes, their ticket does in fact say that their seat is next to the couple with a freakin’ baby on their lap. They will inevitably try to hide their horror, but there will be that split second of sheer terror they won’t wipe off their face fast enough. Again, sorry dude.


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