Meltdown City

It’s a bad sign when you try to Google something using a different series of words than before and all the same links come up. I think I’m overloading myself and, in turn, driving both me and The Man crazy. I guess you could say I’m a bit consumed with the idea of sleep. Actually, taking a look at when I decided to start this blog and what I’ve decided to post about pretty much solidifies it, eh? I’ve got to calm it down. I even think the dog’s affected by my constant…intensity. I’ve noticed that every morning when I wake and walk into the living room with Nugget, the dog quietly sidles out for a while. I only notice when he decides to return about one hour later to lay near me. Every. Single. Day. How do I never notice him leave? Sly dog. Smart dog. Wish I could do that.

But, as it is, I have daytime television to help me get through the days. I might lie and say I watch a lot of news and read a lot of Time, but instead my mornings consist of a lot of Saved By The Bell and Regis and Kelly. For some reason, I just can’t get enough of SBTB. I didn’t grow up watching it, but I realize now that I’ve somehow seen every episode they’ve made, including Good Morning, Miss Bliss, The College Years and all of the friggin’ movies. At this point, I think they’re recycling through about 20 episodes because I’m starting to memorize the lines. Or, I’ve memorized the lines. How many did they make anyway? It was on for years, wasn’t it? I mean, I used to make fun of The Man because he was a HUGE fan when he was a teen and could tell me based on the first line of the show which episode it was. Which, now that I think about it probably means the reruns started earlier than I thought. Well, whatever the case may be I’m still a fan. Plus, Mark-Paul Gosselasr isn’t hard to look at either.


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