So this is maternity leave

Yes, I’ve been on maternity leave for almost three months now, but it just now seems to be starting. With The Man having been off during the summer (thank you School District) we’ve had a ton of fun just enjoying each other as a family for the last couple of months. I can see how unemployment can be wonderful if you have friends in the same boat. But now I can see how unemployment can completely, utterly suck when no one else has time off with you.

Now that The Man has returned to work I find myself listless and confused. I’m on day 3 of being alone with Nugget and it is daunting. It’s like I’m going through the dreaded baby blues again…trying to figure out exactly what I should be doing, how I should be doing it, and even critiquing my technique. It’s ridiculous. Time is really the devil sometimes. And if it weren’t so ungodly hot and humid here I’d feel more comfortable going for walks and fitting in some sort of mild exercise. I hate sitting on my butt with Nugget pretty much all day. It’s exhausting, and there’s only so much tummy time a girl can handle. So I guess really my issue is that I need to become independent again, which makes me a little sad because it just means I’ll be spending less time with The Man and more time second guessing myself with Nugget.

So, hello domesticity. This is a place with which I’m not very familiar. I guess I’ll have to busy myself in some way, perhaps have dinner on the table?! Or have the place decluttered? Or have some semblance of structure? That’ll all get thrown out the window in due time I’m sure. But we’ll see…


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